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WIDMER Functional Roller Blinds. Precise and Modern Technology That Inspires.

Based on our considerable experience and know-how in spring rod technology and sun protection roller blinds, we recommend the roller blind system also for other purposes in the industrial, commercial and public sector. Our range of solutions includes especially:

WIDMER functional blinds

Functional Roller blinds suitable for engines, containers, vehicles and many more besides

In industry,our durable roller blinds are used as a protection cover for machines. We at WIDMER produce heavy duty protection covers, especially for hydraulic hoists. When the hydraulic hoist rises, a tarpaulin stretches at the same time. As a result/Therefore, inadvertent intrusion into the hoisting system is prevented and thus the risk of accidents decreases significantly. WIDMER protection covers are also suitable to collect splints and swarfs. The main advantages of WIDMER protection covers are: space saving, good value, and absolutely reliable.

The functional roller blinds produced by WIDMER are not only used for security but also as a trashrack for chopped wood and cuttings. Therefore, our spring rod technology is well suitable for (special) engineering.

Considering the automobile industry, we produce customised roller blinds and protection covers adjusted to different purposes. No matter if you need sun protection for the car cabin or a cover for your transport vehicle (together with a trailer), our wide range of custom-made products will guarantee you a choice adapted to your needs – this concerns the construction of the right spring rod, the selection of a perfect fabric and even the individual adjustment of the roller blind to your product specification.

Logistics and intra logistics should not be neglected. Therefore, we are eager to provide our customers with suitable roller blinds in the field of container construction. Again, there is a vast range of equipment options from tarpaulins to efficient and durable roller blinds.

Of course, we will perform an individual loading test to achieve the desired endurance in purpose and time of use

Functional roller blinds produced by WIDMER have four main benefits:

  • custom-made
  • space-saving
  • worth the money
  • reliable and enduring for high-performance

Please find below further information about the roller covers from WIDMER

WIDMER shading systems

Blackout systems and dimming roller blinds ideal for conference rooms, laboratories and many more

These days, blackout systems are essential for schools, medical facilities as well as conference rooms. Opacity, state-of-the-art technologies, easy handling, high durability and solid workmanship are key features of blackout systems produced by WIDMER.

Our blackout systems are available both as vertical and as horizontal systems. In addition, every system is equipped with an electric drive as standard. Our spring rodsprovide the necessarycounter-pull that ensures the roller blind rolls back on.At the same time it guarantees ideal tension of the extended fabric. Our horizontal systems are mainly used for skylights but also for pitched roofs. 

Blackout systems made by WIDMER offer multiple ways of installation as single or group systems. Our experts will be happy to give advice on your personal requirements and submit customized solutions for you. Of course, every ordered product will be custom-made, perfectly designed for your requirements.

You can find our current brochure for blackout systems with many more information and technical details in our download area.

WIDMER projection screens

Another popular application of roller blind systems are projection screens. Thanks to projection screens produced by WIDMER every presentation will be a success. The special fabric of our screens ensures ideal reproduction of data, pictures or films. If you are planning a presentation in front of a large audience, for example at universities or at conferences, we can supply large screens up to a size of 6m x 6m.

Technische Einzelheiten


Horizontal shades

Vertical shades

Projection screens


blacking out of laboratories, meeting rooms, etc.

blacking out of laboratories, meeting rooms, etc.

projection of pictures, data, movies

Special shapes

on demand

Max. drop in cm

cloth: 800
woven wood: 500



Max. width in cm




Colors and patterns

woven wood or Trevira CS

woven wood or Trevira CS

fabric in compliance with the German DIN standard 19045 (part 4)

Operating system

electric motor, optional crank

electric motor, optional crank

electric motor, optional crank

Radio control




Group control



Side guide

with side guides

with side guides


on walls, ceilings or recesses


As you can see, WIDMER functional roller blinds are appropriate for various requirements. You have further request on our products? We are glad to advise you concerning your individual requirements.

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