WIDMER. Service Is Our Strength.

We emphasize comprehensive support for our customers. We propose a range of reliable services to complement our premium products. Here a short overview:

Mounting and disposal: We help you with the mounting of your new sun protection system and dispose of your old one. Thanks to our professional mounting service, we make sure that you will enjoy your WIDMER premium product for a long time.aben.

Repairing: Even if it does not occur frequently. In case your sun protection system is broken or malfunctioning, we are glad to assist you and ensure that you enjoy the full functionality of your WIDMER premium product as soon as possible.

Cleaning: Especially exterior sun protection systems may get stained over time. Our professional cleaning service makes your WIDMER sun protection system as shiny as new. Unmounting and remounting are of course included.

WIDMER imprinting

Imprinting: Maximum individuality. We imprint decorative patterns or attractive writings e.g. on awning valances or roller blinds. For private or commercial use. Sun protection and advertising medium in one: we make it possible.

WIDMER Marketing-Support

Sales promotion: We support our sales partners by all means possible. We advise them regarding the commercialization of our products and services, provide them with professional, informative sales documentation, and advert to them in our own marketing activity. It is our aim to help our esteemed partners to be as succesful as possible and thus to ensure a long-term trustful partnership.

You require further information on our services? Please contact us.

We are glad to help you.


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