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WIDMER Exterior Blinds. The Highly Flexible and Robust Shading Systems from WIDMER for Windows And Glass Facades.

WIDMER exterior blinds

The very robust exterior blinds from WIDMER are suitable for different uses. For private homes and flats, industry buildings, specialist stores, administrative buildings, schools, institutes, hospitals, or workshops, WIDMER exterior blinds compel through their modern design, highly weatherproof materials and a very efficient and flexible modulation of solar radiation. The flexible adjustment of the slats permits almost discretionary light variation.

WIDMER exterior blinds

Besides a comprehensive UV-protection, WIDMER exterior blinds ensure an efficient privacy and glare protection. For private, corporate, or public use, WIDMER exterior blinds create a pleasant room climate and cut the energy costs for e.g. air conditioning and cooling systems. Thanks to the highly compact and tight finish, the technical elements of the WIDMER exterior blinds are optimally protected. TheWIDMER exterior blinds come in different designs. We particularly recommend our premium facade system maxi 80 fs.