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WIDMER Vertical Awnings. Particularly Decorative Exterior Sun Protection for Windows and Glass Facades.

WIDMER vertical awnings shade windows and glass fronts in a particularly elegant and practical manner. Simply attached to the exterior wall, with WIDMER vertical awnings of different colors, patterns, and designs, you have many different artistic possibilities. Here is our collection of WIDMER vertical awnings:
Venezia Vertical S

Venezia Vertical S

The classic among the WIDMER vertical awnings, with plastic-coated steel-rope guide.

Venezia Vertical SP

Venezia Vertical SP

The timeless vertical awning from WIDMER with very resistant guide rails.

Venezia Diagonal

Venezia Diagonal GC1 und GC2

The stylish drop arm awning from WIDMER with optional horizontal or almost vertical arm position.

Venezia Universal

Venezia Universal

The popular window awning blind from WIDMER. With first vertical then inclined cloth course, Venezia Universal ensures efficient sun protection and at the same time accentuates your windows and glass facades.

We utilize only premium materials for the WIDMER vertical awnings, too. For particularly large glass fronts, distinct devices can be coupled. For the WIDMER vertical awnings you can as well choose from our comprehensive range of weatherproof and precious cloths of our awning cloth collection.

WIDMER basket awnings

Learn also about the elegant basket awnings form WIDMER. They are ideal for the facade design of cafés, hotels, or specialized stores. We or our WIDMER specialized dealers in your proximity are happy to help you.

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