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For That Certain Something.

Turn your customers into supporters.

People are more and more demanding when it comes to real estate. Higher energy efficiency and more natural lighting due to larger glass surfaces are only two of many keywords. WIDMER quality products help you to satisfy the increasing demands of your customers. Rooms exposed to high solar radiation can genuinely be screened with WIDMER sun protection solutions. Thus, your customers can decide by themselves, when and how intensively they wish to use sunlight. Our various and adaptive sun protection systems help you to significantly reduce the energy costs for air conditioning and heating. Moreover, WIDMER quality products create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance well-being in workplaces as well as at home. Modern designs give the building your own accent and set it apart from other real estate. Benefit from the advantages of WIDMER quality products and offer your customers that certain something.

WIDMER Sun Protection Systems - Your Advantages at a Glance.

  • All-in-one solutions for sun protection systems in best WIDMER brand quality, for over 100 years – We have the one-stop solution for you
  • Best service – Customized solutions, repairing, cleaning, site measuring, assembly, and much more – We handle this for you and your customers
  • Top conditions – Short lead times, fast order processing, attractive pricing, exclusive quality – WithWIDMER you get value for your money
  • Stylish upgrading of your residential and commercial properties thanks to WIDMER quality products – Thus you make the difference
  • Distinctive customer focus – We value the personal contact with our customers

WIDMER Sun Protection Systems - Convincing Advantages for Your Customers.

  • Efficient shading for rooms and exterior areas with extremely low UV-permeability – Pleasant room climate for enhanced well-being
  • Highly flexible modulation of light incidence – Your customers decide all alone when and how much light penetrates their rooms
  • Long lasting due to the exclusive use of highest quality resistant materials – Thus your customers save time, money, and frustration and customer satisfaction increases sustainably
  • Decrease of energy consumption due to less frequent use of air conditioning and heating – Thus your customers spare their purse and the environment
  • Modern colors and designs create a distinctive atmosphere – Your customers can live out their creativity and give an identity to their rooms and facades
  • Efficient privacy protection – Thus your clients can enjoy their private moments and work without being disturbed
  • Efficient anti-glare protection and prevention of reflection enhance concentration and performance at work
  • Efficient protection of furnishings and plants from damages due to excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Easy handling through elaborated technology – It couldn’t be more simple and comfortable