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Symbiosis of Functionality and Design.

Enhance the productivity of your employees.

The satisfaction and productivity of your employees is to a great extent based upon a pleasant working atmosphere. WIDMER sun protection systems have a great contribution in this. The heat load is significantly reduced through efficient shading. This creates a room climate that fosters the optimal productivity of your employees. WIDMER quality products facilitate the modulation of light incidence and permit adjustable glare-reduction. By this means perturbing reflections, as for example on computer monitors, can be avoided. Moreover, WIDMER sun protection systems are ideal for the darkening of rooms, as for instance for a presentation with a projector. Through their functionality and their attractive design,WIDMER quality products create a pleasant working atmosphere. Especially in the presence of clients,WIDMER sun protection solutions create a pleasant and, due to their screening properties, also a discreet servicescape. Enhance the satisfaction of your employees and your customers. Benefit from the WIDMERquality products.

WIDMER Sun Protection Systems - Your Advantages at a Glance.

  • Long lasting sun protection systems due to best WIDMER brand quality, for over 100 years – Play it safe. It will save you time, money, and frustration.
  • Best service – Customized solutions, repairing, cleaning, site measuring, assembly, and much more – We and our partners handle this for you
  • Top conditions – Short lead times, fast order processing, attractive pricing, exclusive quality – WithWIDMER you get value for your money
  • Efficient shading for your rooms and exterior areas with extremely low UV-permeability – Thus you create a pleasant room climate for the enhanced well-being of your employees and customers
  • Highly flexible modulation of light incidence – You and your employees decide all alone when and how much light penetrates your rooms
  • Decrease of energy consumption due to less frequent use of air conditioning and heating – Thus you cut your energy costs and at the same time preserve the environment
  • Efficient privacy protection – Thus your employees can work without being disturbed and your customers enjoy the necessary discretion
  • Efficient anti-glare protection and prevention of reflection – Enhance the concentration and the performance of your employees at work
  • Modern colors and designs create a distinctive atmosphere – Give an identity to your rooms and facades
  • Easy handling through elaborated technology – It couldn’t be more simple and comfortable