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WIDMER Sun Protection Roller Blinds. Our Classic for Interior Shading.

WIDMER roller blinds

WIDMER roller blinds are a timeless privacy and sun protection and compel through their easy handling and straight design. Classically spring loaded, with patented Corona side winders, or with electrical drives, the operation of WIDMER roller blinds is always very easy. A WIDMER spring rod acts as back-pull and rolls the fabric up. At the same time it keeps the rolled down fabric optimally stretched. Of course, for theWIDMER roller blind as well, we offer you a large range of premium fabrics in modern colors, with interesting structures, and attractive patterns. Plain colored or patterned, transparent or shading, we have the appropriate roller blind for every taste and every purpose.

WIDMER roller blinds

No matter how wide and high your windows are, we produce for every window type your exactly fitted roller blind. For gable windows, we recommend our made-to-ordertriangle or trapeze roller blinds. Especially for rooflights, we suggest our premiumWIDMER Comfort roller blinds with aluminum side guides that ensure additional light screening and perfect integration of the roller blind onto the window. Optionally, you can choose your WIDMER roller blind with a sleek cassette for an elegant coverage of the roller.

WIDMER double roller blinds

The classical WIDMER roller blinds are an efficient privacy and sun protection for your child’s room, your bathroom, and your kitchen. WIDMER double roller blinds are particularly ingenious and elegant: transparent and opaque fabric panels alternate and create a unique atmosphere, especially for living areas.


But WIDMER roller blinds are also suitable for technical purposes, such as cover for refrigeration units or machines, or as screen for projectors. Here you can find more information on WIDMER functional roller blinds.

For further request, we or one of our WIDMER Specialist Dealers in you proximity are glad to assist you.