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WIDMER Window Films. Modern, Versatile Solutions for Even More Room Comfort.

Window films are intelligent solutions for various requirements. Window films are appropriate for the following purposes:
WIDMER window films

Heat and UV protection

Of course WIDMER window films offer effective protection against solar radiation, too. Up to 79% of the impacting solar radiation are reflected by the window films. The unhindered view to the outside is not affected. Thus the room climate is considerably improved entirely without using air conditioning. Our special UV protection films can even do more, they reduce dangerous UV radiation by up to 99%. Thereby they efficiently prevent fading of objects exposed to direct sunlight (e.g. paintings in an art gallery).

WIDMER window films

Privacy protection

Window films are the perfect privacy protection from unwanted gazes. Here, we recommend especially our stylish decoration films with attractive patterns, translucent glass films that restrict visibility but not light incidence, or our special disposable mirror film that seems like a mirror from the exterior, but allows for full transparency from the interior.

WIDMER window films


With window films you can creatively design your glass surfaces. With attractive patterns or bright colors, thanks to WIDMER window films you can give your glass surfaces an individual touch.

WIDMER window films

Shatter protection

WIDMER window films significantly increase the resistance of glass surfaces. A colorless window film protects efficiently from vandalism and significantly impedes burglary attempts. Moreover, glass surfaces are protected from wanton staining. WIDMER window films are thus ideal for the protection of public means of transport, furnishings, and equipment.

As you can see, for glass fronts, doors, or car windows, WIDMER premium window films are real all-rounders. You require more infromation on our window films? Please contact us, we or one of our WIDMER Specialist Dealers in your proximity are glad to assist you.

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