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Sun protection is not simply sun protection.

WIDMER quality products compel by their premium materials and modern designs. It is our aim to help you enjoy the WIDMER quality products for as long as possible. WIDMER sun protection systems ensure efficient screening even from intense solar radiation. They decrease the heat load and glare and thus enhance the pleasant atmosphere of your home.


Thanks to the WIDMER quality products, you can enjoy the advantages of light-flooded rooms, when and how you want it. Without complicated fitting and very easy to handle. Play it safe. Count on WIDMER sun protection systems – The quality brand since 1886.

Sun protection is not only sun protection.

Put a twist on your individual furnishings. Benefit from the decorative possibilities of the WIDMER quality products. You wish for a harmonious, cozy ambiance in your home, too? WIDMER offers you personalized solutions. Moreover, protect your privacy. WIDMER quality products offer, apart from heat regulating sun protection, also an efficient privacy shield.


Enjoy your private moments without being disturbed. Our modern screen-materials are very elaborated. Not only do they ensure efficient sun and privacy protection, they also compel by their light permeability and permit undisturbed view to the outside! Very important: WIDMER sun protection solutions also help you cut your energy consumption. Thanks to the efficient shading of your rooms, you need to use your air conditioning less often during summer. In winter, our sun protection systems help keeping the warmth inside and thus diminish energy consumption on heating. This saves you money, preserves the environment, and looks great.

WIDMER Sun Protection Systems - Your Advantages at a Glance.