Insect screens

Keep uninvited insects out of your home in summer despite open windows with insect repellent from Widmer.


WIDMER Insect Screens. The Ideal Complement to Your Sun Protection Systems.

Who does not know the problem? Especially on warm summer days and nights, annoying insects come in through the open windows. WIDMER insect screens keep the unwelcome guests away and you can still enjoy the fresh air. By this means you protect your family, your guests, your clients, and your employees from itching bites, infections, and allergic reactions, all without using chemicals. Depending on your requirements, we recommend the following premium insect screen systems:

Fly screens:

WIDMER fly screens can be easily mounted in front of every type of window. They are ideal for long-term use and can be combined with roller shutters.

Roller blinds:

WIDMER mosquito roller blinds ensure pefect protection and highest flexibility. They can be combined with roller shutters and are also suitable for rooflights.

Sliding doors:

WIDMER sliding doors are ideal for terrace and balcony doors. They compel through simple operation and can easily be hooked in and out.

Screen doors:

Our screen doors are especially useful in spaces too small for sliding doors. The practical protection strip helps you to open the door when you have your hands busy.

Lightwell covers:

Insects are not wanted in cellars, either. With the practical WIDMER lightwell covers, you can open your cellar windows without hesitation. Moreover, the lightwell is kept free of leaves and of dirt.

As you can see, WIDMER has the appropriate solution for all requirements. Learn about the various mounting possibilities and about the comprehensive range of accessories for our insect screen systems. We and our WIDMER Specialist Dealers in your proximity are glad to assist you.

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