Pleated Blinds

Also called folding blinds, are a real star among the interior sunscreens.

WIDMER Pleated Blinds. Window Haute Couture.

With WIDMER pleated blinds, you dress your windows like you dress yourself. Right to fit your taste – individual and creative. More than 150 different colors and designs ensure that you can equip your glass fronts to match your individual fashion style. Take only the best. Thanks to the lightfast fabric of WIDMER pleated blinds, even the most colorful blind will remain as radiant as on its first day.

Apart from their exclusive quality, WIDMER pleated blinds compel through their elaborated technology, easy handling, and easy care. The variety of shapes forWIDMER pleated blinds is also very impressive. For rectangular, round, half-round, triangular, trapezoidal windows or for glass roofs, WIDMER has the appropriate pleated blind solution. Apart from different designs and shapes, you can also choose between WIDMER pleated blinds of different transparency. For both private and professional use, transparent, semi-transparent, and highly absorbent dimming fabrics ensure efficient sun protection and optimal lighting conditions. Different operating systems – from cord lift systems to operating handles and electric operation complete our exceptional offer. Become a designer – at home or at work – with WIDMER pleated blinds.

But this is not all. WIDMER pleated blinds improve the energy balance of buildings. Our modern honeycomb blinds create additional air cushions between interior and window and thus ensure a better thermal insulation. When it is cold outside, our blinds help keeping the warmth inside and thus reduce your energy consumption on heating. In short: a well-rounded affair – WIDMER pleated blinds.

Naturally, here we can merely hint at the diversity of designs and technical details. You have a request or wish individual advice? We or one of our WIDMER Specialist Dealers in your proximity are glad to assist you.

Technical characteristics of the pleated blinds

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