Spring Rods

Mechanical drive and thus a substitute for a motor or electric power.


Spring rods, spring mechanisms and torsion springs for various requirements

What is a spring rod?


spring rod, also known as spring shaft, is a cylindrical component with a torsion spring (also known as torsion spring), which is firmly clamped at both ends and is wrapped around an axis. By twisting this spring at one end (while the other end remains fixed), a spring tension is generated, which enables to roll up and move all kinds of curtains. Exemplary curtains or curtain types are

Spring shafts, also called roller springs, mechanically generate a drive and thus replace motors or electrical energy or make them superfluous. Alternatively, spring shafts are also used as a counter-pull for electrical drives.
Thanks to the development and production of spring rods and spring mechanisms since 1886, Oskar Widmer GmbH has become the market leader in spring rod technology. This is borne out by numerous patents and innovations.

Spring rod, spring mechanism, roller spring - what's the difference?

In technical terms, various terms are often used, sometimes synonymously. The spring rod describes the complete structure including the spring drive, end bearings and outer shaft or outer tube, on which the curtain is applied. Exemplary technical terms are

spring mechanism is therefore the “bare” spring drive, without an outer tube and bearing on the opposite side of the spring. Exemplary terms are known as

Federwelle mit Kugellager

Where are spring rods used for? Applications

The applications of WIDMER spring rods and spring drives are very diverse. Examples:

The classic area of ​​application is internal sun protection and glare protection blinds, also known as roller blinds. Meanwhile roller blind and spring technology has continued to develop further.

At WIDMER, insect and spring-loaded roller blinds generally have the option of integrating a mechanical roller brake (own patent) into the spring mechanism. Rolling up is slowed down and operation is simplified.


Spring shafts are also used for awnings, sun sails, roller blinds and for blackout and balancing systems as a practical replacement or balancing mechanism for electric motors.

NEHER Insektenschutz mit WIDMER Federwellentechnik

The spring shafts are also used in industry, for example in the areas of production and (intra) logistics. The spring shafts there are used for easier operation and for rolling up protective covers. In production, these protective roller blinds serve in part for occupational health and safety and thus to meet legal requirements. This is particularly relevant in mechanical engineering.

(Roll) containers, load carriers, containers, boxes and transport trolleys of all kinds can also be easily and conveniently covered and locked with stable and robust spring-loaded roller blinds. There are similar uses in agriculture.

Another possibility: the use of industrial spring-operated roller blinds for the spatial separation of different areas or as a flexible room divider.

Federzugrollos als flexible Raumteiler

Large roller blinds and rolling grilles can be opened much easier and with less effort using the help of spring shaft technology. Spring shafts are also used to support electric motors.

Spring shafts are used in furniture making for furniture that is equipped with roller blinds to ensure an easy and uncomplicated use. These can be roller shutter cupboards for kitchens or offices. Furthermore, roller blind systems with spring shafts are used in furniture construction as privacy screens or room dividers.

Rolltore & Rollgitter

In vehicle construction, the spring rods are used as

Would you like to find out more about the possible uses of spring shafts? Then get in touch with us personally and arrange a free consultation with our specialists.

What services does Oskar Widmer GmbH offer in the field of spring shafts? What are your customer benefits?

As a leading company in the field of spring shafts and roller technology, we are able to support you with a wide range of services. Our production range covers spring rods with a diameter of 12 to 130 mm and a tensile force of 1 to 200 kg. Custom-made products are possible at any time. We are also able to manufacture complete roller blind systems with spring rods for your individual needs.

In summary, working with Widmer offers you the following advantages:

What information do we need from you to design a spring shaft or place an order?

Based on our expertise, a few details from you are sufficient to determine the right spring rod or roller blind solution for you:

This information is initially sufficient for the design of the spring shaft. We can then specify further details with you, in particular the specific installation

and the necessary accessories. Examples of accessories are:

Where can you find further documents and catalogs?

The following documents can be downloaded directly:

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