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Widmer is the market leader in spring rods technology. Spring tension through the use of torsion springs, completely without electrical energy.


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Spring Rods. The Original - Only from WIDMER.


Spring rods produce spring tension through torsion springs. They can be used as drive or back pull entirely without requiring any electricity. Weights are released and moved horizontally and vertically.


At WIDMER, we began already in 1886 with the development, production, and distribution of this spring rod technology, and since then we have constantly perfected it. Due to numerous patents, WIDMER occupies by now a leading position on the spring rod market and is well-known all over the world.

Fields of application and technical feasibility of spring rods

Today, WIDMER produces spring rods with diameters ranging from 12 to 130 mm and a load from 1 to 200 kg. Of course, customized spring rod solutions are possible. Especially the large spring rods are silent friends in need when human muscle power or the power of a motor or gear is not sufficient.

The use of WIDMER spring rods is extremely useful for a wide range of applications, for example:


Sun protection:

The standard use for WIDMER spring rods is in roller blinds. The spring rod, here also called blind roller, ensures optimal cloth stretching and rolls the fabric up thanks to its spring force. Especially for insect screen and sun protection roller blinds, WIDMER has developed a spring mechanic with an integrated brake mechanism, slowing the rolling up and thus simplifying the handling of the roller blind (see videos below). Of course, WIDMER spring rods and speed reducers can also be used for other horizontal or vertical shadings (e.g., awnings, roller shutters, etc.). In addition, WIDMER has recently introduced a so-called double spring rod that enables a maximum number of turns at a given tube width. The WIDMER spring rod is also utilized in roller systems for industrial use (e.g. protective covers for machines).


Rolling shutter gates and grills:

WIDMER spring rods either help you open large doors with small efforts, or they support installed electric motors. In either case,WIDMER spring rods reduce power consumption considerably.



Any type of cabinet with roller shutters can be opened and closed without any effort, thanks to WIDMER spring rods.


Vehicle manufacturing:

The operation of roller shutters, tarpaulins, or load area covers of any vehicle, WIDMER spring rods master every challenge.

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Of course we develop also customized solutions for special utilizations. Our experts are glad to advise you regarding the various possible uses of WIDMER spring rods.

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Here you can find our latest spring rods catalog with technical specifications for all models.

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As you can see, the functional roller blinds from WIDMER meet a wide range of requirements. Do you have further questions about our services? We are glad to assist you.