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Roller blinds for industrial, commercial and public applications, such as machines, vehicles, laboratories, meeting rooms and more.


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What are protective roller blinds and roller blind covers? What are they used for in principle?


Protective roller blinds or roller blind covers can be used in industrial and agricultural areas as protective covers for machines, containers, load carriers, containers, transport trolleys and other work equipment. They are also used as an additional safety standard in production. When it comes to occupational health and safety, protective roller blinds meet the legal requirements and are often used, for example, as protection against intrusion or underflow.


The principle of operation is simple: the roller blind covers are all equipped with a spring rod, which keep the the roller blind curtain under tension at all times and, if necessary, can be easily rolled up again by the spring force.


Thanks to its centuries of expertise in the field of spring rods and roller blinds, Oskar Widmer GmbH is an absolute specialist in the development and production of protective roller blinds in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

What are protective blinds used for? Applications

The possible uses of protective roller blinds are very diverse. Examples:

WIDMER has developed very sturdy roller blind covers especially for lifting systems and loading tables, which can be used optimally for these systems. A protective roller blind is used on a lift, which is rolled out and tensioned as soon as the lift extends. This prevents human intervention in the lifting technology and reduces the risk of accidents at work. As soon as the lift moves down again, the spring shaft rolls up the blind or curtain again due to the spring force that has been built up.

The protective roller blinds or roller blind covers are also used in vehicle construction as roller blinds or tarpaulins for a wide variety of equipment, e.g. trailer bodies, box bodies of vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles (for example, military vehicles). Furthermore, sun blinds for vehicle interior can prevent vehicles from heating up too much during summertime.

Protective roller blinds can be used to collect wood and metal shavings and thus guarantee a clean and safe workplace.

In container construction and load carrier construction as well as in tool and transport trolleys, protective roller blinds are suitable as simple tarpaulins and as powerful roller blind covers for high loads. Both products are maintenance-free and guarantee a long service life.

Roller blinds can be used as flexible room dividers in both production and agriculture. Would you like to find out more about the possible uses of protective roller blinds?

What services does Oskar Widmer GmbH offer in the area of ​​protective blinds? What are your customer benefits?

As a leading company in the field of spring rods and roller technology, we are able to support you with a wide range of services. Custom-made products are possible at any time.

In summary, working with Widmer offers you the following advantages:

What information do we need from you for the design of a protective roller blind or for an order?

Based on our expertise, a few details from you are sufficient to determine the right roller blind solution for you:

We can then specify further details with you, in particular the accessories required. Examples of accessories are:

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